Who Are We

Established in the year 1966 by the Late Mr. H. M. Usman Mattoo, Mattoo Corporation started its operations with humble beginnings as a small trading house in Lahore. The first offices of the organization were situated in the Red Cross Building in Shahalam Market, Lahore. At that point the company used to import foreign FMCG products and used to sell those at the wholesale market in Lahore.

However Mr. Usman Mattoo’s vision for the company was far greater. Under his visionary leadership and sheer dedication, the company started to expand its outreach, and soon started catering to all of Punjab and not just Lahore. Within a brief span of three years, the company went national and expanded its outreach to most of Pakistan.

In 1978 Mr. Tariq Mehmood Mattoo and Nauman Usman Mattoo joined the operations of the company and focused on increasing the scope of procurement for the company. Whereas their father increased the outreach in Pakistan, Mr. Mehmood and Mr. Usman Mattoo added new territories for procurement including Singapore and the Far East.

They expanded the clientele of Mattoo Corporation and added brands such as Johnson & Johnsons and Reckitt Benckiser to the already star studded clientele which included Heinz, Procter & Gamble and UniLever.

In 2003 Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo joined the business as the third generation of the Mattoo family. Soon after his joining he was given the task of turning Mattoo Corporation from a trading house into a distribution network.

For this purpose, Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo partnered with Mr. Mohammad Jamil Sheikh and together within a few years they transformed Mattoo Corporation into a professional distribution network.

Today Mattoo Corporation has a vast distribution network that covers over 103 cities and is rated amongst the top 5 distributors of imported goods in Pakistan.

Family owned 100% self financed company.

Head office is situated in Lahore, Punjab. Zonal offices are in Karachi and Islamabad. By 2017 end, plans to extend regional offices in Peshawar and Multan as well.

Warehousing Capacity is as below:

- 6,000 Sq.Mtr in Karachi.

- 4,000 Sqr.Mtr In Lahore.

- 2,000 Sqr.Mtr in Islamabd.

- 500 Sqr.Mtr in Peshawar.

- 500 Sqr.Mtr in Multan.

New warehouse under construction of area 40,000 Sqr.Mtr in Karachi, functional by second half of 2018.

Commercial Vehicle Fleet:

- Karachi: One 10 tons Vehicle, 5 One Ton Vehicles,

- Lahore: One 10 tons Vehicle, 5 One Ton Vehicles,

- Islamabad: Five 1 Ton Vehicles. 

Sub distributors Fleet:

- 76 Vehicles with capacity 0.8 tons for daily operations.


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