Our Team

  1. Mr. Mohammad Jamil Sheikh - CEO

    Mr. Mohammad Jamil Sheikh has been an indenter and distributor of Rice in the GCC for almost the better half of his life. In 2005 Mr. Jamil Sheikh decided to partner with Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo, to take upon the challenge of transforming Mattoo Corporation from being a trading house, into a professional distribution house. His former experience as a distributor in foreign markets greatly helped the business grow over the years.

    In his current capacity as the CEO of Mattoo Sons, Mr. Jamil Sheikh, holistically looks after the business and steers it towards new heights.

  2. Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo - Managing Director

    Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo did his Masters in Computer Sciences from Pak-Aims, Lahore in 2003. Soon after finishing his studies, he joined the family business of the Mattoo Corporation and was given the task to transform the organization into a professional distribution company, from being just a trading house.

    Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo, put his management capabilities to the test and under the guidance of Mr. Jamil Sheikh was soon able to set up a state of the art distribution network. Using his academic background, Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo introduced ERP systems into the company that greatly modernized the company and increased effectiveness and productivity by manifolds.

    Under Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo's management, within a brief span of 12 years the company has become one of the biggest distributors of imported products in Pakistan.

  3. Mr. Imran Saeed - National Sales Manager

    Mr. Imran Saeed started his career in the beverage industry and joined the Mattoo Group in 2011. Ever since his joining he has increased the distribution network and the portfolio by twice of what it was earlier, both horizontally and vertically. A truly dedicated and committed professional, Mr. Imran Saeed's hard work and capabilities can be gauged from the fact, that ever since his joining, the has increased the company's growth and sales by approximately 48%.

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